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The Texas Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents is the premier organization in advocacy for the growth and advancement of Latino learners and leaders. With an unrelenting commitment to improving learning outcomes for Latino learners, TALAS provides leadership development, collective impact, advocacy, and a proactive voice for Latino and non-Latino leaders who have a passion for serving the fastest-growing student population in Texas.

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Best Practices

Supporting Teachers with Best Practices

The unintentional missteps teachers and administrators are making

As an instructional coach and former virtual coach, I have observed countless classrooms across the nation, and it’s disheartening to see how many of our well-intentioned practices are slowly killing student curiosity. It’s a subtle process, but the cumulative effect is turning learning into a lifeless experience.

I’ve observed five major ways we’re unintentionally stifling curiosity and issue a call to action for educators, administrators, and policymakers to join the curiosity revolution:

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Growth Strategies

The life you want waits for self-development. Growth strategies maximize potential. Perhaps you’re so busy savoring this life that you don’t have time to grow into the next. And who has time for future opportunities when you can’t keep up with today’s challenges?

Those who make a difference trust their talent, expand their skill, and develop their strength. Growth strategies enable growth as you go. It’s too late if you feel fully equipped for the next opportunity.

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National News

Through the eyes of new teachers

The series, called “America’s Future Teachers,” comes at a time when the teaching profession is in turmoil. Many current teachers report high levels of stress and dissatisfaction in their roles. Some have left the field. School districts are often not able to fill every open position, or not able to fill them with qualified candidates. And the rate of individuals enrolling in teacher preparation programs has dropped precipitously in the last couple of decades, resulting in too few incoming teachers to serve the student population. The U.S. Education Department even started airing TV ads to encourage people to enter the profession.

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National News

FAFSA Updates

The proposed legislation received largely bipartisan support, but some worry the hard deadline could backfire if not part of a more comprehensive plan.

The House’s education committee Wednesday advanced a bill that would require the U.S. Department of Education to release the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by Oct. 1 each year. 

Rep. Erin Houchin, a Republican from Indiana who introduced the new bill, called the rollout of the updated FAFSA a “complete failure” and said it created unnecessary hardship for students’ families and colleges.

The Republican-controlled Committee on Education and the Workforce voted 34-6 to send the legislation to the full House of Representatives. 

The proposal received conditional support from some Democratic lawmakers, who called for increased investment in the Education Department to allow it to fulfill its mandate.

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Texas News

Homelessness on the Rise

Affluent North Texas school districts grapple with a growing problem: a rise in homeless students

North Texas school districts are seeing an increase in students experiencing homelessness — even in affluent communities like Plano.

Students experiencing homelessness — or what James Thomas from Plano ISD calls “living in transition”— are eligible for services at school under the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act. The federal law aims to increase these students’ access to education.

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Recognize your Employees

Recognition is pretty popular in the world of organizational psychology, with good reason. Were leaders somehow forced to pick only one behavior to drive team performance, recognition would be their best bet, because it would lead the team to self-govern.

For a leader to be great, it is almost a requirement to be generous with providing recognition, as it is one of the most powerful drivers of discretionary effort. When people are recognized, they work harder. Anyone who has ever led effectively either knew this instinctively or figured it out pretty quickly.

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TALAS Partnership Spotlight

Lexia Learning

We are thrilled to share the latest episode of the TALAS Partnership Spotlight series. Dr. Rick Fernandez is joined by guest Dr. José Viana, Senior Education Advisor at Lexia Learning. In this entertaining and very informative episode, Dr. José goes in-depth on the push for bilingualism in the U.S. and the way we need to improve if we want to achieve this goal, Dr. Rick asks all the right questions that teachers and parents are wondering, Dr. José does a fantastic job of laying out the vision Lexia Learning has and his excitement to share the new ways they will help improve the world of education.

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