Self Leadership; Do you know who you are?

man in black dress shirt sitting on brown chair

Stedman Graham: It’s the Age of Self-Leadership

Self-leadership is part of the leadership landscape, and you can’t change your circumstances until you first change yourself.

By Stedman Graham

I often say in my speeches that there could not be a better time in the history of our world to be living because, through technology, we have access to a global village.

Just by using our mobile devices and electronics, we can learn, build, develop, and create opportunities. We have the ability to self-empower and have information relevant to our development, identity, and purpose in life — if we understand how to work on ourselves. 

If you’re looking for relevancy, resources, and opportunity, it must start with yourself. Knowing who you are is the first step to your future. This is the pre-work necessary for self-leadership.

Self-leadership is connected to self-discovery, which is connected to constant education. This type of learning about yourself — deep, rich self-experience — develops new learned behaviors that keep you on track for a better, more meaningful existence. It is the successes and failures of self-discovery that lead you forward. 

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