Mentoring Program Protégé Yliana Gonzalez, Cohort 7

Yliana Gonzalez

Cohort 7

Mentor: Dr. Stan Paz

Yliana Gonzalez has invested 16 years of service to public education both as a classroom teacher and administrator. She commenced her career serving in the capacity of a teacher and delivering instruction to underprivileged children in the lower Rio Grande Valley. After only three years, she sought to serve in a greater capacity. With a heavy heart, she left her hometown and continued her career in a neighboring district where she was afforded an opportunity to to serve in various administrator roles including a Reading Coach, Instructional Officer, Assistant Principal and Principal. In her attempt to further her knowledge and grow in her career, Yliana was able to serve as the Executive Director for School Improvement with Kingsville ISD. She briefly served in this capacity given that a door to fulfill her desire to become superintendent presented itself.

Currently, Ms. Gonzalez continues in this administrative role while fulfilling other duties relative to the day to day operations of this district. Ramirez CSD is a unique district and recognized as only one of five common school districts in the state of Texas. This small rural school district sets itself aside with a student population unlike that of a traditional school district. With only 44 students enrolled, it is necessary that each staff member employed wear different hats and the Superintendent is no exception. Ms. Gonzalez serves this school community as the Superintendent, Principal, Federal Programs Director, PEIMS Director to name a few.

Through her service in public education, Ms. Gonzalez prides herself in having served her hometown as a Trustee and Board President for six consecutive years. The experiences she has acquired as a teacher, administrator and trustee have helped her better understand the bigger picture and have allowed her to see situations through different lenses. But beyond the experiences she has acquired in education, her greatest achievement has been that of fulfilling her desire to mother a beautiful daughter who is now well on her way to achieve her own dreams. It is her hope that her own love for education will manifest in her daughter’s endeavors.

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