Mentoring Program Protégé Tonya Kallfelz, Cohort 8

Tonya Kallfelz

Cohort 8

Mentor: Dr. Celina Estrada-Thomas

Tonya Kallfelz has devoted 24 years to serving students, educators, and families in Central Texas High Schools. She began her teaching career in Austin ISD where she invested 16 years in education as a teacher, dyslexic designee and academy coordinator. During her time in Austin, she provided engaging programs and opportunities for students to get involved in schools and have a place where they felt a sense of belonging. Mrs. Kallfelz was a Director of the Year Semifinalist with the Texas Dance Educators Association and was named Arts and Humanities Teacher of the Year.

In May 2012, Mrs. Kallfelz earned her Masters in Administrative Education from Concordia University and spent the next two years developing, coaching and mentoring educators as well as providing support systems that would meet the needs of all students.

Mrs. Kallfelz made her transition into administration as Assistant Principal at Hays High School in Hays CISD and quickly became the Lead Assistant Principal. In this capacity she has been responsible for providing instructional support to the campus and with English Language Learners. In 2020 the campus and Mrs. Kallfelz received recognition for its largest growth on TELPAS. She is dedicated to improving academic outcomes for all students and ensuring they are prepared for college and career experiences. Mrs. Kallfelz work also includes developing teachers and staff in their leadership capabilities through campus opportunities and programs.

When Mrs. Kallfelz is not working, you can find her playing golf, watching her son’s play soccer, or taking trips with her family.