Mentoring Program Protégé Nathan Balasubramanian, Cohort 8

Nathan Balasubramanian

Cohort 8

Mentor: Dr. Michelle Cavazos

Nathan Balasubramanian is the Chief Education Officer of 7Cs Academy and President & CEO of iLearn, LLC in Leander, Texas. Dr. Balasubramanian knows that we have a lot of compelling data evidence (data) on student learning to improve public education. Yet, the current reality is that the data ‘baby’ is thrown out with plenty of actionable ‘bath water.’ He is on a mission to stop this ‘data’ waste and transform education with actionable ‘knowledge.’ Dr. Balasubramanian also recognizes that this transformation must be catalyzed by schools addressing the social emotional learning and character development needs of every student.

Most recently, Dr. Balasubramanian served as the Executive Director at Manor Independent School District from November 2017 – November 2019. He led the charge on continuous improvement to move the letter grade of the District from a D (69% in 2018) to B (85% in 2019). Prior to joining the Manor ISD team in November 2017, Nathan served in the rank of Assistant Superintendent in Broward County Public Schools as their founding Executive Director of Strategy and Continuous Improvement for five years. He successfully spearheaded efforts to increase student success every year at the 6th largest school district in the nation.

Dr. Balasubramanian is a Licensed Curriculum Auditor, TEA Charter Certified Provider, and a Certified LSG Coach who knows how to increase the capacity of leadership teams to improve academic and financial performance. Nathan holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Educational Leadership and Innovation from the University of Colorado (USA), a master’s in educational management from the University of Sheffield (UK), and a master’s in physics from the University of Madras (India).