Mentoring Program Protégé Felix Lerma, Cohort 7

Felix Lerma

Cohort 7

Mentor: Dr. Mark Ramirez

Felix Lerma began his education career in 1999. He started teaching Technology Education in Brownsville Texas at Simon Rivera High School. He soon became a strong advocate for the increase of Technology Education for low socio-economic students. Mr. Lerma provided many of these at-risk youths the opportunity to excel in the fields of manufacturing and design. Between 1999 and 2007, Mr. Lerma lead his students to eight State and seven National Conferences.

In 2008, Felix obtained his Mid-Management Certification. He served with multiple leadership teams in Point Isabel HS, Los Fresnos HS and in 2013 Austin High School in Houston Texas. During that time, he served as Special Education and LEP coordinator where he helped improve state compliance with all student populations.

Beginning in 2013, while in Houston ISD, Felix had the privilege to lead multiple enterprise level projects that impacted 217,000 students, 25,000 employees and over 300,000 parents.

As a project manager, Felix has managed project deliverables from concept planning while driving a smooth transition to launch, execution and transition through project lifecycles. His jobs have allowed him to gain experience in a wide-ranging skill set, including expertise in corporate governance, strategic planning, and project management.

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