Mentoring Program Protégé Dr. Carmela Levy-David, Cohort 9

Dr. Carmela Levy-David

Cohort 9

Mentor: Dr. Martha Salazar Zamora

Dr. Carmela Levy-David is the Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education and Early Childhood in Fort Bend ISD. She began her career as a high school social studies teacher in the same district. During her 25 years in public education, she served in diverse capacities, including counselor, assistant principal, and principal along the continuum of elementary, middle school, and high school. Dr. Levy-David draws strength from her immigrant and bilingual experience to continuously increase her agency and self-efficacy as a Latinx educational leader.

Dr. Levy-David counts her marriage, motherhood, American Citizenship, and obtaining a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership from Abilene Christian University among her proudest accomplishments. “My journey as an invisible student in my formative years led me to embrace education as my vocation, become a champion for children, and ensure every child is visible, valued, and supported.” Her passion for education extends her public service efforts beyond public education through her partnerships with numerous organizations. Dr. Levy-David currently volunteers with many organizations, including Child Advocates of Fort Bend and The Fort Bend County Mental Health Task Force.

Dr. Levy-David believes that leadership requires equal measures of courage, humility, agility, and patience. It requires the maturity to accept responsibility for our mistakes and the generosity of spirit to express gratitude for those who contribute to our success. Specific moments shape us as leaders and influence countless decisions made throughout our lives. Her recognitions include The Sallie Mae First Class Teacher Award, Bank of America and Big Though School Service Grant, The Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation Award for Leadership, The Illinois Spotlight School Award, and The Fifth Floor Museum, JFK Day Endowment.