Mentoring Program Protégé Claudia Vasquez, Cohort 8

Claudia Vasquez

Cohort 8

Mentor: Mr. Rene Sanchez

Claudia Vasquez was born in Cuero, Texas and was raised in a small farming town of Gonzalez, Texas. She prides herself in being the daughter of Mexican Immigrants and of being a first generation American. Claudia has been involved in education for the past nineteen years and has served as a teacher and also as an administrator. Currently, she is serving as an elementary assistant principal at Tom Green Elementary in Buda Texas and has held that position for the past five years. Claudia taught Spanish at Lehman High School in Kyle, Texas for fourteen years before she earned the position as an administrator. During her time in education, she took pride in being able to help her students advance their education by paving the way to finding a path to higher education. She assisted first generation children and parents in providing information and opportunities on how to pursue a higher education, many of which were students that were first to graduate high school in their families. As a teacher, she stressed the importance of being bilingual to all her students and in serving their communities. Claudia has earned the titles of Teacher of the Year while at Lehman school and First Year Teacher of the Year for the Texas Foreign Language Association. As an administrator, she continues to dedicate her time to improving all students’ academic successes and advocate for underserved student populations.