Mentoring Program Protégé Bryan Hernandez, Cohort 8

Bryan Hernandez

Cohort 8

Mentor: Dr. Ruben Alejandro

Bryan Hernandez is a South Texas native and currently the Principal of Utopia ISD. Where he has served in this rural community since 2018. Bryan is well rounded in administration as he has experience in all grade levels. He began his educational career as a high school mathematics teacher. He never planned to be a teacher but his love for children and his passion for helping others lead him to the classroom. Since beginning his journey in education he has earned a Master degree in Mathematics as well as in Educational Administration, and is currently in the process of completing his terminal degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Social Justice.

Mr. Hernandez, in his experience as an elementary assistant principal, was instrumental in removing his campus from improvement required status to acceptable in one calendar year. He was then asked to assist on the Jr. High campus of the same District. Here he created an on-campus DAEP to ensure students were receiving the best instruction while reducing discipline concerns. The next year Mr. Hernandez became the District’s DAEP Coordinator where he implemented restorative practices that reduced the number of suspensions by over 50%. He has presented the use of restorative practices at the national level during the Center for Urban Education Summer Education Forum (CUESEF) in Pittsburg, PA. and spoke on behalf of the Practice of Social Equity in Schools at the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) in New Orleans, LA.

Mr. Hernandez is passionate about working with parents and students to form authentic collaborative partnerships. If he isn’t helping someone else’s child, you will find him enjoying time with his six children. He dedicates his time volunteering with our youth and has been actively coaching for over 15 years. Bryan is a champion for children and will go beyond what is professionally required to ensure educational equity. He has testified and met with state legislatures to speak up for what is in the best interest of children. He is an advocate for educating the whole child and will ensure every student has access to education.

His aspirations are to become a school Superintendent where he can provide support and guidance to all stakeholders in his district. Bryan’s goal is to give back to the public school system that originally provided the solid foundation for his own academic success. His hope is to do this by creating equitable opportunities that positively influence those who are entrusted to his leadership.