Honorary Founding Board Member Dr. Rudy Treviño, TALAS Honorary Founding Board Member

Dr. Rudy Treviño

Deputy Superintendent – Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

Rudy Trevino is a Houston native and the recipient of the Reagan Alumni Scholarship and the first scholar from the Houston Association of Hispanic School Administrators (AHSA) to graduate from college, return to teach, and represent the organization’s vision by ascending to the principal and upper administrative positions. Trevino earned his bachelor’s degrees in Spanish Literature and Education from Sam Houston State University (SHSU) with teaching certifications in Secondary Education. Trevino attained a double master’s degree, one in Educational Leadership and Counseling from SHSU and a Spanish Literature and Linguistics master’s from the University of Houston.

Trevino’s experiences cover a broad range of areas as a teacher, an assistant principal at the State Charter School Houston Gateway Academy, an assistant principal at Burbank Middle School, the principal of John J. Herrera Elementary School, the founding principal of the Ninth Grade College Preparatory Academy, and the principal of the Blue Ribbon and nationally recognized; Eastwood Academy High School.

Trevino is currently the board president of the Association of Hispanic School Administrators (AHSA) with an administrator and principal membership of well over 125 Houston area leaders. Trevino is also a former board member and president elect, of the Houston Association of School Administrators (HASA) where he served as a mentor to principals throughout the City of Houston. Additionally, Trevino participated in the Houston A+ New Visions in Leadership Cohort and he is an Alumni member of the organization.

Trevino has served as a volunteer in “Encuentros de Promoción Juvenil” and “Busqueda,” two of the most prominent Spanish speaking young adult programs in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and he also served as an active member of the National Conference for Communities and Justice (NCCJ). Trevino was a delegate and camp counselor of Anytown USA, a nationally recognized and award winning diversity, leadership, and social justice program for youths.

Trevino was named Reagan High Schools’ Teacher of the Year in 2002 and he was selected to turn around a T.E.A. repurposed low performing school as a 28 year old principal in 2008. Trevino completed the Harvard School of Education Leadership Institute in 2009 and the Rice Entrepreneurial and Marketing training at the Jones Graduate School of Business in 2012. Trevino is currently a doctoral student at his Alma Mater and he is expecting to complete his doctorate in December 2013 with a dissertation topic titled, “Latino School Superintendents in Large Urban School Districts: A Phenomenological Study.” Trevino has a passion to share the compensatory skills needed to address the scarcity of Latino School Superintendents in Large Urban School Districts by supporting and mentoring the next generation of Latino leaders.