Our Protégés

The TALAS mentoring program is a two-year experience for a cohort of school administrators who desire to have a school superintendent or cabinet-level mentor not in their current school system or working chain of command. The program physically meets three times a year attached to the three TASA conferences for the purpose of networking and professional development around career building and successfully serving our students of color. The below list features the protégés of the current and past cohorts.

Cohort 9

Alma Gonzalez de Castillo
Alma Gonzalez de Castillo Mentor: Dr. Stan Paz
Beth Newton
Beth Newton Mentor: Dr. Celina Estrada-Thomas
Dr. Cynthia Guadalupe Webber
Dr. Cynthia Guadalupe Webber Mentor: Dr. Robert Duron
Diana Pecorino
Diana Pecorino Mentor: Dr. Veronica Vijil
Dr. Carmela Levy-David
Dr. Carmela Levy-David Mentor: Dr. Martha Salazar Zamora
Heather Alarcon
Heather Alarcon Mentor: Mr. Ty Davidson
Jacob Nunez
Jacob Nunez Mentor: Mr. Alejandro Gongora
Francisco Ramirez
Francisco Ramirez Mentor: Dr. Mark Ramirez
Reny Lizardo
Reny Lizardo Mentor: Dr. Darryl Henson
Scott Masini
Scott Masini Mentor: Dr. Cissy Perez

Cohort 8

Miguel Garcia III
Miguel Garcia III Mentor: Dr. Rick Fernandez
Bryan Hernandez
Bryan Hernandez Mentor: Dr. Ruben Alejandro
Yeni Ontiveros
Yeni Ontiveros Mentor: Mr. Michael Cardona
David Pearce
David Pearce Mentor: Dr. Richard Lopez
Nicole Creek
Nicole Creek Mentor: Dr. Xochitl Rodriguez
Georgina Castilleja
Georgina Castilleja Mentor: Dr. Abelardo Saavedra
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia Mentor: Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora
Claudia Vasquez
Claudia Vasquez Mentor: Mr. Rene Sanchez
Tonya Kallfelz
Tonya Kallfelz Mentor: Dr. Celina Estrada-Thomas
Nathan Balasubramanian
Nathan Balasubramanian Mentor: Dr. Michelle Cavazos
Sandra K. Cortez
Sandra K. Cortez Mentor: Dr. Richard Carranza

Cohort 7

Alyssa Blanchette Alva
Alyssa Blanchette Alva Mentor: Dr. Richard Fernandez
Norma Castillo
Norma Castillo Mentor: Dr. Joe Rodriguez
Lori Davis
Lori Davis Mentor: Dr. Lisa Ramirez
Yliana Gonzalez
Yliana Gonzalez Mentor: Dr. Stan Paz
Keri Launius
Keri Launius Mentor: Dr. Darryl Henson
Felix Lerma
Felix Lerma Mentor: Dr. Mark Ramirez
Eva Quinonez
Eva Quinonez Mentor: Dr. Veronica Vijil
Juan Sandoval
Juan Sandoval Mentor: Justin Fuentes
Cynthia Jaird
Cynthia Jaird Mentor: Dr. Xochitl Rodriguez

Cohort 6

Abigail Tarango
Abigail Tarango Mentor: Dr. Stan Paz
Beatris Martinez
Beatris Martinez Mentor: Rene Sanchez
Eileen Puente
Eileen Puente Mentor: Dr. Mark Ramirez
Filemón Aldama
Filemón Aldama Mentor: Dr. Lucio Calzada
Lacye Matejowsky
Lacye Matejowsky Mentor: Dr. Craig Shapiro
Linda García
Linda García Mentor: Dr. Veronica Vijil
Leticia Vega
Leticia Vega Mentor: Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora
Mechiel Rozas
Mechiel Rozas Mentor: Dr. Celina Estrada-Thomas
Ramona Morin Aguilar
Ramona Morin Aguilar Mentor: Dr. Abelardo Saavedra
Victoria Sendejo
Victoria Sendejo Mentor: Dr. Richard Lopez
Stacy Garcia
Stacy Garcia Mentor: Dr. Ruben Alejandro
Venus Valenta
Venus Valenta Mentor: Dr. Xochitl Rodriguez

Cohort 5

Sarah Schmerber Hodges
Sarah Schmerber Hodges Mentor: Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora
Lisa Walls
Lisa Walls Mentor: Dr. Michael Cardona
Michael J. Ruiz
Michael J. Ruiz Mentor: Dr. Anthony Sorola
Neil Bonavita
Neil Bonavita Mentor: Dr. Stan Paz
Denisha Jackson-Presley
Denisha Jackson-Presley Mentor: Dr. Craig Shapiro
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