Improving Team Meetings

people sitting on chair

How To Take Your Weekly Team Meetings to the Next Level

Transforming weekly team meetings from mundane check-ins to dynamic, productive sessions can significantly impact team efficiency and morale. A recent Harvard Business Review study found that 71% of senior managers view meetings as unproductive and inefficient. To counter this trend, it’s essential to revitalize these gatherings with strategies that engage and invigorate team members. As an executive leadership coach, I advocate for a more holistic and interactive approach to team meetings. Here’s how you can elevate your weekly team meetings to foster better communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Initiate with Informal Conversations: Start by breaking the ice. Spend the first few minutes on light-hearted, non-work-related conversation. This warm-up can include anything from discussing a popular TV series to sharing weekend plans, fostering camaraderie and a relaxed atmosphere.

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