Getting Comfortable with Difficult Conversations

two woman sitting by the window laughing

Tough Talk: 3 Keys To Navigating Difficult Conversations

It’s not easy to have those challenging one-on-ones, but done properly, it’s the quickest way to turn tension into progress.

A common mistake business people make—often with the belief it will help them get ahead—is to consistently maintain a distance from conflict. In actuality, it’s the ability to get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations that drives real business success.

That’s because your team likely has good intentions but may find themselves falling into friction and tension. Creative conflict is inevitable, and leaders and team members will need to have difficult conversations to align and achieve their mission.

Early in my career, I was approached with a short, impromptu, difficult conversation that changed the trajectory of my professional life. It was something that momentarily shook me. Yet years later, it not only feels like a necessary moment, but a pivotal one.

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