4C’s of Communication

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Leveraging 4 dimensions of better conflict conversations

Avoid conflict with your colleagues by being clear about goals and commitments, while fostering connection and curiosity, write Karin Hurt and David Dye.

No matter what conflict you face, there will always be four dimensions that will make it productive. Today, we share these four dimensions and a few of our G.O.A.T. Powerful Phrases from our new book, Powerful Phrases for Dealing With Workplace Conflict: What to Say Next to De-Stress the Workday, Build Collaboration, and Calm Difficult Customers (Harper Collins). 

4 dimensions of constructive conflict 

  1. Connection — Do we know one another as human beings? 
  2. Clarity — Do we have a shared understanding of success? 
  3. Curiosity — Are we genuinely interested in other perspectives and what’s possible?
  4. Commitment — Do we have a clear agreement?

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